What Clients Say

Wow... Thank you so much. I expend so much energy defending my civil and equal rights towards so many different aspects of my life without much for positive results. I actually won a battle lol.

Christine W.

All I did was sign up for this claim on your website (which took me less than 2 minutes to do) and I received a few email updates from you every few months, and now you’re sending me a check for hundreds of dollars. Great work SueThem!!!

Erin T.

Hi Mr. Zajdel, that is excellent news. Thank you and the SUETHEM team for working so hard on this and obtaining such a great outcome.


Thank you for the detailed explanation of the current state of this [claim]. You all have always been consistent anytime I have inquired about this matter. I appreciate your efforts.

Robert S.

Cory and the Sue Them team are genuinely looking out for people’s best interests. They pour hours of their time into making sure big companies are following the law and being fair to consumers. Cory and his team are professional, easy to get a hold of, and knowledgeable about consumer rights. They have always taken the time to patiently explain my rights as a consumer and I have always trusted them to make decisions that result in the best outcome.

Ruth Z.

I appreciate all of the hard work your firm has done for me.

Scott E.

Great, thank you soo much for all your hard work fighting for what’s right! SueThem ROCKS. You guys have earned my loyalty.

Josette J.

Thank you for your endless work on this! You guys did amazing work, I know your team spent so much time. Kick ass work!

Marlee S.

Excellent work! Seriously, from one attorney to another, bravo on this settlement.

Chris M.

You and your team are definitely inspirational. I aspire to be like you all one day. You have been battling so long with a case that majority of other attorneys would consider trivial.

Sheldon M.

Hello, I’m glad to hear it’s all settled but I had a question. Why is my settlement a lot higher than the standard settlement?

Chris D.

Just wanted to thank you for resolving this in what appears to be a larger than normal resolution. I can imagine it’s tough work. I’m looking forward to the end in sight

Leisa E.

Hell yeah!!! This is awesome news and perfect timing for me to buy more AMC stock. Thank you for the update.

Kyle L.

It's nice to receive some justice in today's world, everyone is taking my money, you guys are the only ones getting it back.

David D.

Oh wow! How awesome is that! Thank you so much for the hard work!!! I really appreciate it!! You were all so informative along this entire journey so I appreciate that.

Dominic C.

amazing work! I'm so happy to have been a part of this! Great job, thank you - can't be more grateful for the work you did so that I had to do nothing, essentially.

Michael J.

That’s great news! And so unexpected if I’m being honest, after all the time that has passed. Thanks for fighting the good fight!

Michael G.

Wow! It’s been amazing to watch this unfold and this is exciting news. Thank you for all the updates!

Lori B.

Thank you Cory, again congrats to you and your team on a big win. Keeping these companies in check is a must, even more so in our increasingly digital society. [It] was a pleasure to work with you and congrats to you and your group on a decisive victory. I will keep my eyes peeled for other opportunities to hold big tech responsible with their users most sensitive data.

Kory D.

Thank you all so much! I don't care much about the money but [that company] seriously needed to be punished for this. You guys rock.

Jeremy B.

Hell yeah! This is insane. I normally just ignore these things, glad I didn’t SueThem came through.

Ryan N.

Thank you very much for all of your assistance along the way throughout this process! You guys have been very transparent and that is actually a rare thing in today’s society!

Filbert M.

I don't know how to thank SueThem enough for sticking with this. The company we sued is an unjust company. I have been out of work for over a year due to COVID and this means so much to me personally.

Deborah J.

Mr. Zajdel, [t]hank you so much for providing this information - it once again assures me that your firm is one of the best amongst the ones I've worked with. I guess now all that is there to do is wait for the settlement agreement to be generated. I look forward to resolving the rest of my cases with your firm!

Shurjo A.

Thank you so much for all the work you've done on this!! Long time coming but totally worth it. I just think of all the other broke college students who got taken advantage of, a win for the little guys!!

Kiernan T.

It's finally happening. Thank you for doing such a great job for us, Cory. I'm very happy with this settlement amount.

Jared R.

Wow you guys did a great job here. I was expecting they'd skate by with the silly $5-20 usual settlement which is obviously laughable, and not worth your time! You guys did well!!

Sandra F.

Thank you very much for your tireless efforts on this matter.

Erik A.

Thank you for the service you provided, very happy with the results. I just wanted to thank you for looking out for the little guys. Also reaching out when I had no clue my data was compromised. Would reccomended you guys to family and friends.

Curtis B.

To Cory L. Zajdel, Esq. and the SUETHEM TEAM, I want to take this time to say how thoroughly impressed I am with SUETHEM. I'm sure you all have been working on this case for a year and half now and you all have been consistent in communication since then! Thank you for your lasting hard work and dedication.

Angela V.

You guys are great, I think your business model is genius too.

Derrick O.

Bro I love u guys. Ty u so much. U have no idea how much this helps me rn.

Mike K.

I want to thank you for the work put forward and making this an extremely easy process for me! Your work does not go un-noticed!!!!

Jordan H.

But thank you so much for all of your help! The extra [money] is going straight to paying off of our wedding costs so it comes at a good time 😊

Stephanie W.

Thank you very much, and thank you for looking into this for me with covid and everything else this money is gonna really help around this time of year

Theresa C.

Thanks for all your help! I received a Zelle notification that the money has arrived. Have a great holiday season and thanks again for all your help with this!

Jasmine J.

Thank you again for all your help (in this case and previous...you guys are fantastic, and I genuinely appreciate all you have done for me.)

Tyler M.

Thank you so much for your hard work on this matter and making it easy to participate and get compensation. It is much appreciated.

Shelby S.

Thank you very much for a seamless process!

Michael B.

Thanks for all your help and I hope to one day work with you guys again!

Brooke L.

Well done Cory and team. Keep going!

Craig G.

Thank you and I will definitely be working with you again!

Paula H.

Mr Zajdel and Team, thank you for your excellent top notch service. I greatly appreciate you fighting for the little guy against these big corporations.

Eric F.

Got my payment today. Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to this. SueThem really came through and I appreciate it a ton. Happy Halloweekend! Take care sir!

Chris V.

Appreciate all of your work over there. SueThem made this a smooth process. Thanks.

Ryan R.

Yes I received my money. You guys are awesome. All the best and I hope to hear from you soon xox

Olga N.

Great news. I appreciate it greatly I’m honestly impressed; I will be spreading the word about SueThem. Look forward to any and all additional correspondence. Thank you all, again. I look forward to the payment. I’m very grateful to have signed up when I did! I would have never known this lawsuit existed or affected me.

Lawrence W.

But I just wanted to commend the work of SueThem in securing this settlement amount. It is indeed significant, and thanks to everyone involved.

Donald T.

Damn good job.

Jason M.

Received my payment yesterday. Thank you for all your hard work.

Felicia C.

Thank you again for working so hard on our behalf!

Danielle H.

Thank you, appreciate your work. Hope to work with you in the future if anything arises.


Thank you so much! You guys are amazing!

Darius B.

Thank YOU so much! You guys are freakin Rockstars!

Michael S.

I have used your office in the past and I have found you do a wonderful job - keep it up!

Chaim S.

You are doing exceptional work. Thanks.

Senthilkumar S.

You guys [at SueThem] are spectacular.

Cynthia L.

I greatly appreciate your counsel and honesty.

Derrick D.

That is amazing! Great work!! […] Thank you again for your hard work! Huge accomplishment!

Maddison T.

That is great news, and I am excited to receive the settlement. Great job!

Thomas H.

Thanks for keeping corporations accountable big dog!

Mason R.

Wow that is remarkable, what an outcome! Thank you again!

Madison B.

Thank you!! So excited about this!

Taylor K.

I just wanted to thank you and SueThem for your dedicated work! You made this process a very easy experience.

Tori W.

I appreciate all of the hard work SueThem have done and all the time SueThem has invested in litigating for us!

Brianna F.

Hi there team! Great work on this case and I am happy that the outcome was favorable to all.

Cameron S.

Wow well done guys. Thanks a lot for the work you do.

Alex N.

Well I certainly didn't see that coming, wow. Excited wow, excited wow!

Ryan J.

Woohoo! How exciting. Thanks for all your hard work[].

Isis S.

Wow, thank you so much for your hard work on this and for keeping us updated. Much appreciated!

Adelaide R.

Wow! Great job! Thanks for all of you[r] hard work.

Justine B.

Wow!!! Thank you so much

Cindy M.

Fantastic! Thanks for putting up the good fight!

Jack G.

Great work, team and all!

Saul S.

Amazing! Thank you!!!

Meha N.

Wow! Thank you!

Ryan S. A.

I would just like to thank everyone at Sue Them for the outstanding job that you have done for me! I am very impressed with the ways in which you have kept me informed and up-to-date on my lawsuit and have always been more than happy to answer any questions that I may have had about my case in a very timely manner. I have to say that Sue Them has really went above and beyond to make sure that I knew that I was a valuable client of the company as well as to ensure that I was always treated with the upmost respect! I will be forever grateful for the fantastic job that you have done for me over the course of these last few years and I am glad that I have gotten to know those of you that I have at Sue Them! Believe me when I say that all of the hard work of every single person who has worked with me from Sue Them has not gone overlooked and I just wanted to let you know that your services have exceeded my expectations again and again! The kindness that you have shown me and the countless hours that you have dedicated to me, by working on my case as well as ensuring that I understood every aspect of my case as we would move from one phase to another has been mind-blowing! I am privileged that Sue Them was willing to represent me and offer me their services, because those services have been the very best of the best! I would like to thank everyone at Sue Them for being such hard working and amazing individuals!

Crystal R.