Anytime we add a new claim to www.suethem.com, you will be able to sign up for that new claim directly through your client portal by clicking on the box for the new claim. We will send you an email notification when any new claim is added for you to review in your client portal.

You will receive a Client ID when you go through the original sign-up process on our website. Your Client ID is a unique number that allows you to access your client portal and allows us to update information related to all of your claims at the same time. You should only have one Client ID from us no matter how many claims you sign up for on our website. If you have more than one Client ID, please let us know.

Pursuant to our retainer agreement, our fee for representing you is either 40% of the total monetary recovery we obtain for you, or one-thousand dollars. You will never have to pay us out of pocket. If we do not obtain any monetary recovery for you, you do not pay us anything for the work that we undertook on your behalf.

It is impossible to predict how long your particular claim will take from start to finish. In our experience, it could take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years (or potentially more) from the date we initiate a claim until it is finally resolved.
All forms of legal disputes, whether they are filed in court or in arbitration, take a significant amount of time to bring to a conclusion. We ask that you remain patient during the time that our attorneys are pursuing your claim. There is nothing we can do to speed up the process of bringing your claim to a resolution, especially since the companies we are pursuing in arbitration will do all they can to delay your claim. Trust that we are working as hard as we can to push your claim(s) along, without any undue delay or neglect on our part

We will post updates for your claim(s) to your client portal when we have new updates to share. Please keep in mind that there may be times when we do not have any substantial updates to share with you for several weeks or months. We ask that you check your client portal on a regular basis to keep up to date on your claim(s).
For more time-sensitive updates, (for example, if we need to convey a settlement offer to you) we will send you an email.

Once you select the claim(s) you wish to pursue through our website or this Client Portal, we will notify the companies of our intention to pursue claims on your behalf against them. All you need to do is wait for an update from us. After you sign up, you do not need to take any action, unless we specifically notify you to take a specific action.

You can update your contact information by sending us an email with your new contact information along with your Client ID.

You are not responsible to pay any costs for our representation out of your own pocket unless you misrepresented to us that you qualify for the claims that you joined. We may pay various costs on your behalf in pursuit of, and related to, your claim(s). Pursuant to our retainer agreement, if we pay any of these costs, we will be entitled to recover these costs out of any monetary recovery we obtain for you. We will deduct these costs from your recovery, prior to calculating your portion of any recovery.

No. You have not signed up to be a part of a class action lawsuit. The claim(s) that we are pursuing for you will be pursued individually in arbitration.

Please check your client portal first before contacting us with a question about your claim since it is likely that any question you have will be addressed in your client portal. You can also email us to one of our claim-specific email addresses, which you can find in the “claim details” section of the client portal.

Yes. SueThem is a trade name for Z Law, LLC, which is a law firm located in Maryland. The attorney responsible for this content is Cory L. Zajdel, Esq., the managing partner of Z Law, LLC.

If you received an email from SueThem stating that your claim has been terminated (“termination email”), that simply means that SueThem will no longer pursue that claim on your behalf. You have the right to continue pursuing your claim, either on your own, or with the help of another attorney. If you received a termination email, we strongly encourage you to explore all of your options, including continuing to pursue your own claim. However, SueThem will not be able to continue pursuing your claim if you received a termination email from us.

If we obtain a resolution to any of your claims we will email or text you a link to your settlement agreement. After you sign the settlement agreement you will have the option to select how you want to receive your settlement proceeds. We offer various forms of electronic payment methods including VENMO, PayPal, Zelle, and paper check.